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before junk tree removal

before brush/junk tree removal - future compost site

We chipped *a lot*of brush Saturday and Sunday…and we’ll use the mulch at the future Broadway Community Garden at 3415 Broadway Street. In the meantime, the mulch pile (4 feet tall and 30 feet long – piled at the back of the lot directly adjacent to the alley) will act as a deterrent for those ne’er-do-wells that like to park on the lot to conduct…transactions.

We had a great time cutting brush from yards and alleyways in the 3300 and 3400 blocks of Broadway in the weeks prior, and several neighbors took advantage of the opportunity to trim junk trees and drop off the brush to be chipped. The chipping is always fun (if loud), and we now have plenty of raw material (as well as a nice, sunny lot) to support new garden beds next spring.

a lot of brush to be chipped...

compost area (left) and wood chip "berm"

In the course of clearing brush at the site of community garden, we also uncovered some long-forgotten sections of chain-link fence – they are configured perfectly to serve as a bin for leaf composting, which will in turn provide us with rich soil.

Special Thanks to neighbor John Kerwin who has worked diligently on the Broadway Community

Garden from the first planning meeting to chipping brush all day both Saturday and Sunday, Philip Hooper who lent a hand (and his chainsaw) felling trees, and neighbor Charles who provided wonderful barbecued sausages and fixings before the rain came on Saturday.

all chipped – doesn’t it look nice?

Enjoy the pictures. We’ll do it again next year…Chip Happens 2011!

Tyson & Sarah


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